Open Minds.
Change Perspectives.

Plott is a workshop activity that helps prime your participants for genuine deliberation and consensus-building.

Ever dealt with participants with entrenched views who are unwilling to consider new information or listen to the views of others?

Ever facilitated a meeting or workshop where no progress is made because participants aren’t open to changing their position on a topic?

Well, Plott has been developed to ease your pain!

How Plott Works

Plott is designed to facilitate the development of a considered mindset — a key factor in developing a ‘constructive view’.

Plott will help prime your participants for genuine deliberation and consensus-building. Plott achieves this by depriving participants of key information and forcing them to form an opinion on a topic of which they have no prior knowledge.

By design, participants constantly change their mind as they go through the process; this is a microcosm of what individuals should experience as they learn new information. By the end of the exercise, participants will have considered new information, discussed differing perspectives and re-evaluated their position multiple times on a fictional scenario.

Essentially, Plott is putting participants through an experience where it is okay to change their mind. By assisting them to this stage and propagating an accepting environment – individuals can achieve the flexible mindset necessary for reaching consensus.

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The Team

Sharon Gao
Nic Hurrell
Marissa Motsos
Nusardel Oshana