Plott Cards


The complete Plott kit.

Includes: 30 Plott cards, 5 opinion-scale cards, 1 facilitator’s guide, 1 facilitator’s presentation.

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About Plott

This game is designed to facilitate the development of a considered mindset; a key factor in developing a ‘constructive view’. By completing this game participants will be better equipped to experience what is known as the ‘ah-ha’ moment in the deliberative process.

This ‘ah-ha’ moment is when individuals who have held firm views, come to the realisation that they need more information. Plott achieves this through depriving participants of key information and forcing them to form an opinion on a topic they have no prior knowledge of.

The participants constantly changing their mind as they go through the process, is by design and a microcosm for what individuals should be experiencing as they learn new information.

Essentially, Plott is putting participants through an experience where it is okay to change their mind. A mindset that needs to be carried through the deliberative process in order for a consensus to be reached.